Shorai Lithium Iron LiFePO4 Duration Battery Ducati Streetfighter 1098

Shorai Lithium Iron LiFePO4 Duration Battery Ducati Streetfighter 1098
Brand: Shorai Lithium Iron Battery
Product Code: LFX18A1-BS12
Availability: 9
Price: USA $189.95

Fits: 2009-2012

The LFX Duration recommendation is for those who want the strongest possible cranking performance and lifespan, and don’t mind a slight increase in weight and cost compared to the standard recommendation. Users with extra electrical accessories - like stereo systems used regularly when the vehicle isn’t running - may also choose the duration suggestion. This LFX battery is 6.65 Lbs. lighter than the lead-acid YT12B-BS.

Ultra- low self-discharge rate and no sulfating (i.e. does not degrade while sitting unattended).
Twice to four times the service life of lead-acid batteries.
Drop-in replacement for your OEM battery.
Super-fast recharge rate.
SAFE - No explosive gasses during charge, no lead, no acid.
Environmentally friendly, just discharge and dispose.
Japanese engineering and components.
Shorai has created a battery are like no other with prismatic cells, delivering more energy faster, with less weight and with less damage to the battery per start cycle than any other brand or technology.
Shorai Lithium Iron prismatic cells (chemistry LiFePO4) reduce the battery size and weight compared to conventional lead acid batteries.
Shorai LFX batteries have been designed from the “ground up" to be a powersports starter battery with long lifespan and high performance, under a wide range of temperatures.
Limited Two-Year Warranty.  Click on "Documents" tab for warranty details.
Installation requires using the included negative cable and raising the positive cable due to the Shorai battery being slightly taller. Also the OEM top battery bracket will not work and so we include a zip tie to secure the battery to the tray. Since the top bracket is also used to secure the plastic fuse box cover we also include hardware to reuse the bracket but only for the purpose of attaching the fuse box cover.

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