FG Gubellini GRIPONE 2 PRO Kit with Universal harness

FG Gubellini GRIPONE 2 PRO Kit with Universal harness
Brand: FG Gubellini - Gripone
Product Code: GP-KT-0017
Availability: 7 - 10 Days
Price: USA $1,245.00

In motorsport, in every movement bike is in critical situations in which the rear wheel loses grip under acceleration. GRIPone is a universal device, designed to be easily connected to any vehicle and through which you can control the level of rear wheel slip
GRIPone, moment by moment, check the conditions of spin ratio of the vehicle by two wheels sensors and manage the power to restore perfect grip while driving.

Included with the kit

How it Works

GRIPone PRO is a electronic traction control system that consists of two devices: the control unit GRIPone and two speed sensors. These, working in unison, check the conditions of rear grip of the motorcycle. Whenit's normal  the unit is not active. When slip is detected above normal, the control unit reduce engine power until the spinning is restored. Once the rear tire grip come back to normal the control unit stop to reduce the engine power.


1. Adjusting device. The settings of the five parameters that control the operation of the controller is made by the software GRIPONE PRO 2. The maps who set the ECU are sent by USB.

2. The consumption of electric current are very low: on average less than 50mA in standby mode.

3. Total customization possibilities. With GRIPone you can separately adjust the sensitivity to spinning ratio and the intensity of the control on the power of the vehicle.

4. New algorithm MTC II. The Multi Thresould Control allows rider to anticipate the opening of the throttle because at first slip of rear tyre the ECU start to control very smoothly. When Slip ratio gradually increases the dynamic threshold algorithm increase control on the power. Now the algorithm is 2 time faster than the old one and 2 time more precise.

5.Control by TPS . GRIPONE PRO 2 can be connected to the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). The throttle signal is used by the ECU to obtain informations regarding the banking angle. By this system it is possible change the sensitive by banking angle without buy more gyro sensor. Moreover by the TPS the user can increase or reduce the control in wheelly conditions.

5. Variation of sensitivity remotely. On to the ECU there is an additional connector for connecting the accessory "remote control" through which you can change the mapping without stopping the vehicle. Now the GRIPONE PRO 2 is able to be connected to the Remote Control Analog, this accessory permit to adjust the sensitive by 8 step without stop the bike.

6. Alarm Spinning. The accessory remote control  lets the rider to select between different maps and it provides an LED indicator to advice the start of working of traction control.

7. Diagnostic. In case of problem to one (or each) of speed sensor the new GRIPONE 2 advice the user by a lamp of leds (on the ecu) and by the led of remote control.

9. Advanced parameters. GRIPONE PRO 2 can change the sensitive to the spinning and the style of control (on the engine power) by the speed of the bike. The slow corner needs a very strong conrtol on the power to avoid the high side. The fast corner needs a lot of stability. By this new items the GRIPONE PRO 2 give the best support in every condition.


Weight: about 300g
Dimension: 87x29x56 mm

Hardware Manual

Click here

Software Manual

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GRIPONE PRO 2 (.exe 62mb) 4.0

Driver USB

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