Speedy Moto Ghidorah Ducati Pressure Plate

Speedy Moto Ghidorah Ducati Pressure Plate
Brand: Speedy Moto
Product Code: 06-0206GLD
Availability: 10
Price: USA $224.99

"Ghidorah" Ducati pressure plate

Strength and beauty. SpeedyMoto's Ducati clutch pressure plates are designed to withstand the rigors of track and street punishment.

Machined from billet 6061 aluminum, our pressure plates are much stronger and look better than the inferior cast aluminum Ducati stock plates. In the event of a crash, the SpeedyMoto pressure plate could make the difference in finishing a race weekend or making it home after a Sunday ride.

Instructions are included for easy installation. A throw-out bearing and Stainless steel push rod cap is also included and already installed. SpeedyMoto pressure plates fit all Ducati running stock dry clutches.

Available in several styles and three anodized finishes, SpeedyMoto pressure plates complement our clutch covers with innovative looks and unsurpassed performance. The Ghidorah pressure plates:

Extremely light weight.
Stronger and more attractive than the inferior cast aluminum Ducati stock part.
Include instructions for easy installation.
Includes a new high quality throw-out bearing that is already pre-installed.
Includes a new stainless steel push rod cap that won't rust.
Fits all Ducatis running dry clutches.

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